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Become a Leader In Accounting

You love your job as a mid-level accountant but you want to move up, perhaps into management. More responsibility can lead to higher job satisfaction and higher pay.

Job and family responsibilities, however, can seem like an insurmountable barrier to getting the advanced degree you need to climb the corporate ladder.

Maybe you should take a second look. An online program such as the online Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of West Florida may be the ticket for career advancement.

Should You Consider an Accounting MBA?

If you are focused more on the technical aspects of accounting, a Master of Accounting might be a better degree choice. On the other hand, an accounting MBA is a better choice for management and strategic roles as it not only prepares you with a good accounting background but also offers you the tools and training to become an effective leader, according to

“An MBA makes the most sense for people who want to pursue business ownership, management or executive positions,” the website notes.

One important thing to remember is that moving up the career ladder means not only being a good accountant but being a great manager as well.

According to BestAccountingSchools, one of the big benefits common among online accounting MBA programs is the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills. Strong programs offer a variety of coursework aimed at training you for a position in management and may cater to your specific area of interest.

The Princeton Review notes that a good MBA program will help you learn new skills and build a network that can put you on track for management success.

  • An MBA will give you the experience you need to master the communication skills used by business professionals. Completing an MBA program involves writing papers, making group presentations and drafting proposals, each of which strengthens the communication muscle in different ways.
  • Leadership involves much more than making decisions. It’s about making sure your team works in unison to achieve common goals. MBA programs offer you effective team-building skills that will teach you when to make tough decisions, when to solicit feedback and when to turn decision-making over to others.
  • MBA programs offer the opportunity to network with professors, alumni, industry leaders and fellow classmates, making it easier to advance in your current job or to enter a new field.

One of the most compelling reasons to pursue an accounting-focused MBA is that graduates are more likely to be considered for management and leadership opportunities. This is what makes programs like the University of West Florida online Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting so enticing.

UWF’s advanced degree program offers a deep, real-world knowledge of accounting with an emphasis on finance, leadership and communication skills. It also lays the groundwork for those who choose to pursue the Certified Public Accountant credential.

Students should expect to gain group problem-solving and consensus-building skills as well as leadership skills to direct and manage others. They will also learn to analyze complex business problems and offer sound solutions.

Learn more about UWF’s Master of Business Administration online program with an emphasis in Accounting.

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