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UWF Faculty Kelly Massey

Kelly Massey

Regional Director

"Entrepreneurs that succeed take calculated risks but also plan for bumps as well as growth."

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UWF Faculty John Batchelor

Dr. John Batchelor

Associate Professor

"In my classes, I want students to learn how to be successful in business and to increase their understanding of how to influence others in a positive way."

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UWF Faculty Richard Constand

Dr. Richard Constand


"The class focuses on monetary policy, fiscal policy, federal government regulation and the impact of all three on business operations. Students should be constantly aware of how central bank and government policy will impact the business operating environment."

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UWF Faculty Joseph Donelan

Dr. Joseph Donelan


"In my class, students will learn how to analyze financial data and create reports that help managers make decisions about how to plan, evaluate and control the organization."

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UWF Faculty Gerry Goldstein

Gerry Goldstein

Adjunct Professor

"Students need to relate and apply academic theory to real world situations; my background from Wall Street to manufacturing provides a unique opportunity for students to take advantage of that vast knowledge."

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UWF Faculty Scott Keller

Scott Keller


"Working hard, late and long while having a healthy home life. A serious focus on your profession is a requirement to becoming a leader and to attain the greatest passion for what you do."

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UWF Faculty Kevin Krieger

Dr. Kevin Krieger

Associate Professor of Finance

"Statistics are tools that can help us better understand almost any situation, whether fantastic or mundane. If we know which tools are appropriate and correctly execute their use, the world is easier to understand, and we can make better decisions."

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UWF Faculty Stephen Arthur Lemay

Stephen Arthur LeMay

Associate Professor

"For business, the most important trait is conscientiousness. Be where you are supposed to be and do what you are supposed to be doing. Work hard at it."

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UWF Faculty Lauren Rich

Lauren Rich

Assistant Professor

"I want students to learn how to apply key concepts within an organizational setting."

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UWF Faculty Justin Davis

Justin Davis

Associate Professor of Strategic Management

"Don't. Get. Behind! The online setting places an extreme amount of responsibility on each individual student to be self-motivated and organized. Getting behind on the small assignments is the easiest way to get into trouble. Stay ahead!"

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UWF Faculty Annina Dahlstrom

Annina Dahlstrom


"You can do it. The work may seem insurmountable at times, but continue to take one step in front of the other - and ask for help when you need it."

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