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Top 5 Jobs for Finance MBA Grads

Graduates of a business degree program can boost their salary, work in an assortment of fields and industries, switch career paths or start their own businesses. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in finance promises opportunities in financial analysis, banking, technology, executive management and more. The highest paying jobs in finance are held by professionals with an MBA.

A Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance online program from the University of West Florida (UWF) provides students with a solid understanding of national and international markets and how money can be used as a tool to manage an organization’s financial future. This online graduate program allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and land a job in the competitive finance job market.

5 Trending Jobs for Graduates with an MBA in Finance

The outstanding reputation of the MBA degree helps graduates excel in a wide range of financial and business-related fields. When graduates highlight their marketable skills — such as experience in business analytics, project management, artificial intelligence, supply chain management and more — they can pursue and attain leadership positions. Here are five top jobs for graduates with an MBA in finance:

  1. Financial manager. Financial managers develop long-term financial goals and perfect plans to achieve them. They create reviews; supervise the accounting, investment and budgeting teams; approve investments and analyze market trends. Financial managers can work in the public or private sector in varying fields such as finance, banking, insurance, and healthcare. The S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 17% job growth through 2030, much faster than the average rate in the United States. The median pay for a financial manager is $131,710 per year, or $63.32 per hour.
  2. Financial analyst. A financial analyst looks at data to pinpoint financial issues and make better decisions based on economic trends. They analyze the likelihood of financial growth and investment risks. MBA graduates with knowledge of and experience with data analytics are in high demand and can earn an average salary of $81,410 per year, or $39.14 per hour. Financial analysts write reports regarding investment opportunities and advise their organizations about investment decisions.
  3. Personal financial advisor. Personal financial advisors provide advice to assist people with managing their money. It’s not uncommon for them to be self-employed or work in the insurance industry. They offer guidance regarding how to invest and manage savings. Personal financial advisors also assist with investment portfolios and estate planning. The average national salary is $94,170 per year, or $45.27 per hour.
  4. Chief financial officer (CFO). The CFO of a company makes financial decisions for a company or organization. As the most senior financial position in an organization, they are responsible for creating the financial strategy and deciding how to spend money for a business. This C-suite position reports directly to the CEO and oversees all financial decisions. The median annual pay for a top executive is $98,980, but it’s not uncommon for those in a CFO role to command a salary of over $200,000.
  5. Financial controller. If there is no CFO position in a business, the financial controller is in charge of an organization’s finances. They supervise the financial and accounting staff, manage financial reports and generate financial projections. According to Indeed, the average annual salary is $90,058.

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Students in UWF’s online program can gain knowledge about the structure and function of financial markets, insights on bond and stock valuation, understanding of portfolio management and securities analysis, command of evaluating risk and return and expertise in interpreting accounting data and analyzing financial statements.

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