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Options With a UWF Online MBA Program

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be a sound investment for professionals looking to advance their careers and increase their earning potential. With its convenient, affordable, fully online MBA program, the University of West Florida (UWF) offers a generalized MBA program as well as MBA programs focused on three distinct areas of emphasis: Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Logistics Management. These options can help degree candidates gain widely transferable business know-how and expertise specific to their chosen field.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an Online MBA from UWF?

The benefits of earning an MBA degree are many. Of course, the basic reasoning for pursuing such a degree involves developing the skills and knowledge necessary for success in any business career. Whether starting a tech business, managing an accounting firm or running a global logistics company, an advanced understanding of all relevant aspects of business administration is a must. UWF’s online MBA programs are designed to give students a thorough foundation in business management, focusing both on generalized and specialized content.

Moreover, much of UWF’s course design is experiential in nature, offering students real-world experience along with real-world professional connections. Positive interaction and collaboration with related businesses is essential to success for any business professional. UWF’s MBA programs can help accelerate this development of professional networks for degree candidates.

There are also financial benefits to earning an MBA online. According to the GMAC 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report, online MBA graduates recoup their full investment in an average of two-and-a-half years.

But it is important to note that, compared to an online program, attending a residential MBA program often carries a higher level of investment. Having to leave a job to attend school means not earning a salary, perhaps relocating, spending money to cover living expenses, and an opportunity cost (losing out on career advancement opportunities). With UWF’s online MBA, students can hold on to their jobs, salaries and opportunities while earning their degree — all at a fraction of the tuition of most full-time MBA programs.

UWF’s Generalized MBA Online

For those who wish to be flexible in their careers and develop the kinds of skills and knowledge applicable to any aspect of business, UWF’s generalized MBA can be a good choice. The program focuses on the core elements of leadership, management and business problem-solving, along with regulatory law, policy and the study of businesses in context of their industry. This includes topics like marketing, logistics management, information systems and finances.

All of these facets of business study also make up the core coursework for the following three emphases.


The Accounting emphasis augments generalized MBA coursework with an in-depth focus on accounting principles. From accounting control systems and budgeting to advanced taxes and financial concerns for both private and nonprofit entities, this emphasis helps prepare accountants for advanced careers in the field.


Along with all other aspects of business study, the Entrepreneurship concentration helps students develop a deep understanding of the complexities of successfully starting a business. This includes considerations like securing startup capital, evaluating business models and strategy, and understanding markets and how to effectively exploit them.

Supply Chain Logistics Management

The Supply Chain emphasis is pertinent to an increasingly global economy, with companies large and small depending on the effective management of moving goods and services around the world. The study of global distribution systems and strategic logistics management models and processes is essential for the executives in this field.

Whether for the purpose of developing greater expertise, gaining valuable experience and connections, commanding higher salaries, or, most likely, a combination of all three, earning an MBA can help business professionals achieve their career aspirations. Doing so through a UWF MBA program can be a smart career move. The affordability and convenience of the fully online program can help graduates make the most of their investment.

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