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The Importance of Auditors

Accountants and auditors follow companies’ money, ensuring a business accurately and truthfully records and reports its financial operations. Accountants handle the day-to-day recording, analysis and

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Effective Workplace Diversity Efforts

The terms “Diversity” and “inclusion” emerged as something of workplace buzzwords in 2020 with increased discussions surrounding racial injustice and gender equality. However, employers should

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Women In Accounting

It is often said that 2018 was “the year of women.” As just one example, a record number of women were elected to Congress. The

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What Is a Supply Chain MBA?

The supply chain is a $26 trillion, rapidly growing global industry that attracts professionals with high logic and reasoning aptitudes combined with a passion for

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Accounting: More Than GAAP

Vacant accounting positions are not unusual in today’s job market, given that Baby Boomers are heading into retirement. Organizations are courting millennials to fill the

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