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Feeling Bored at Work? Renew Your Passion

It’s completely natural and nearly unavoidable to experience a lull in a career that once made you feel excited, ambitious and inspired. Watching colleagues move up the corporate ladder or receive promotions can be tough if you aren’t also being recognized. A stagnant career can lead to boredom at work and feeling like you’re not pulling your weight.

It may seem like the only option for an invigorated career is to dust off your resume and seek a new company. However, there are ways to ignite your professional passion that don’t require a major life change.

Learn Something New

One of the best ways to avoid occupational dissatisfaction and assert yourself as a valuable employee and capable leader is to continue your education. The University of West Florida offers an online Master of Business Administration program that will provide the tools you need to shine professionally. You won’t miss any time at work because each course is conducted exclusively online.

The tools and skills acquired through UWF’s graduate program are applicable to any business profession. Professors will help you see things differently at work and better understand how the organization operates. Not only will the curriculum spark your passion, but an advanced degree could mean a salary boost.

What Else Can I Do?

Perhaps going back to school isn’t right for you, and that’s ok. There is more than one way to revitalize your career. Harvard Business Review (HBR) has identified three elements that occur when you’re inspired: “we see new possibilities, we’re receptive to an outside influence, and we feel energized and motivated.” Here are some starting points to get you back on track.

Communicate Frustrations and Be Honest With Yourself

Start by talking to someone. Maybe all you need is to vent frustrations to a mentor, peer, friend or family member. Internalizing worries and annoyances can trap you in a cycle of negativity. Opinions and perspectives from those you trust will help you figure things out faster than keeping them bottled up.

Forbes suggests asking yourself some soul-searching questions so you remember why you took the job in the first place. “Put yourself back in your shoes on the day that you took this job. What brought a smile to your face on the first day of work? What did you set out to accomplish when you took this job? What have you achieved in your time in this position? What more can you learn from this role?”

If your career doesn’t invite a lot of opportunity for inspiration, consider marrying your passions outside of work with your job. For someone who loves giving back to their community, Forbes recommends organizing a volunteer project with colleagues or partnering your company with a charity. Or maybe you enjoy teaching. Meet with your boss about starting a mentorship program.

Stay Active

Harvard Business Review suggests that anyone experiencing ennui take action. “When you aren’t feeling inspired, it’s normal to feel stuck. But inaction is your enemy in this effort … Instead, understand that any move you make will open up new possibilities and reveal emotions that you can’t see yet.”

Incorporate an “inspiration routine” into your daily schedule. Anything that welcomes new experiences is fair game. HBR recommends classes, reading, travel or attending professional gatherings. Determine which activity suits you and accomplish it. “You might commit to traveling once every six months or take a few hours every Friday morning to read articles and books or set a goal to meet three new people in your field each quarter.”

Keep your lines of communication open and you’re already on the right track to finding satisfaction. If going back to school is the right decision, let UWF’s online MBA teach you how to fall back in love with your career.

Learn more about the UWF online MBA program.


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