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Job Outlook for Supply Chain Management

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management, done well, gives a company a competitive advantage. It is the process of delivering what customers order by their deadlines at a minimal cost. People who perform these tasks are sought-after logisticians and supply chain management professionals.

For example, in the aftermath of a hurricane or other disaster, logisticians ensure the right resources arrive as soon as possible, which allows both businesses and the government to continue operating. The process of achieving these results involves working closely with the customers placing orders. Effective supply chain management also depends on obtaining products from suppliers, which may be challenging or simple, depending on the products involved and the size of the business.

What Is the Job Outlook in Supply Chain Management?

As more global economies strive to slash costs, the demand for logisticians who know how to facilitate an organization’s supply chain has spiked. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates only 2% growth in logician jobs through 2024. Because of this, competition for these roles may increase.

Generally, supply chain management requires at least an undergraduate degree for entry into the field. For those interested in leadership roles in supply chain and logistics, earning an MBA may be the next step to achieve a career in logistics management. The University of West Florida offers an online MBA program with an emphasis in supply chain logistics management. Students will gain the tools and techniques to address business processes strategically and analytically. They also gain a competitive edge over job applicants without an advanced degree.

In a profile on logisticians, Sarah James, executive director of The International Society of Logistics, told U.S. News & World Report Money that “Since logistics impacts every element of an organization at all levels, the logistician who can integrate all enterprise activity may well become the next must-have in the C-suite.” This is good news for those in the field with a graduate business degree in supply chain.

Advanced Training

Logisticians often receive on-the-job training to stay current with developments in the field, but their skills may also benefit from an online MBA or a certification. Logisticians with military backgrounds often excel at supply chain management because they are accustomed to moving troops and supplies with a necessary precision.

Salary Ranges

According to the U.S. News & World Report Money article, a logistician’s median annual salary in 2014 was $73,870, and the lowest was roughly $45,880, with an estimated $113,940 listed as the highest salary earned. People who made the most money in this sector lived in San Jose, Calif.; the District of Columbia; and Houston. Coal products manufacturing, oil and gas extraction and petroleum paid the highest amounts for supply chain management professionals, according to the article.

Learn more about the UWF online MBA in Supply Chain Management program.


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