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Supply Chain Opportunities in Florida

With more and more companies expanding their businesses across the state, the region, the nation and beyond, supply chain management has never been more important. The more goods a company distributes and sells, the more it needs organized and skilled people managing the process.

It comes as no surprise that 15 Fortune 500 companies call Florida home. Its location on the coast, bundled with its great weather, make it an attractive location for businesses and their employees. So, what are the supply chain opportunities like in Florida, and does one need a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Logistics Management?

Supply Chain Jobs in Florida

Of course, employment numbers constantly change, but current and aspiring logisticians can expect to see steady demand for experts in their field in the Sunshine State. In May 2016, businesses in Florida employed over 6,000 people in supply chain management, putting them in the number seven spot in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salaries can vary depending on the city. As of June 28, 2017, the average salary of a supply chain manager in Jacksonville, FL, was $100,698 with a total range of $94,194-$103,110.

Businesses in Florida

Many businesses establish their headquarters in Florida. The 15 companies on the Fortune 500 list of the nation’s biggest companies located in Florida include Publix Super Markets, Office Depot and Darden Restaurants.

Seven of those Fortune 500 companies are in the Miami/South Florida area, while Jacksonville and Tampa/St. Petersburg each have three. For qualified applicants, a search on any career site reveals many jobs in Florida.

Working in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management oversees all of the steps in bringing an item to market, from concept to store shelves. More complex products, like HDTVs, rely on many companies, so their supply chain managers order parts and services from all over the world.

There are career opportunities in supply chain management in many industries. For example, manufacturers, retailers, consulting firms, transportation companies, and delivery services all rely on supply chain managers to keep track of products and inventory.

Career progression is left up to individual professionals. Business skills, process knowledge, internships, previous work experience and education all help determine what direction a person’s career will take. Skills, interests and personal decisions, like whether to live and work in Florida, all play roles in building a promising career in supply chain management.

This career is available around the world, and individual managers can determine how specialized they will become in the field. They also decide to what degree their expertise will include logistics, marketing and other fields. Today’s business world cannot function without skilled people keeping track of goods and products.

Learn more about the University of West Florida’s online Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Logistics Management.

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